Arkelon Chronicles, a Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Created by Wendigo Workshop

Arkelon Chronicles is a new traditional tabletop RPG set in a colorful universe of technology and magic! You weren't able to pledge during the Kickstarter? You missed some unlocked stretch goals? Here you can find everything you need to enjoy the Arkelon Chronicles RPG!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

New Update!
6 months ago – Mon, Aug 21, 2023 at 02:44:53 PM


It has been a little while since our last update! We are currently in rush mode to finish everything, and it's really coming along ! We have 2 chapters left, which are being corrected and we are making sure nothing is missing.

Half the book is edited and placed in the PDF (300/600 pages, approximately)

 Here a more preview of the book!

Québec and French

Yes, this again! So after contacting the Office Québécoise de la Langue Française, we were able to confirm a couple of things regarding the release of the game and how it'll work due to the new bill. We WILL be allowed and able to send a full English PDF version to all backers as soon as it's finished (which should be around early October if nothing horrible happen), with maybe minor adjustments left if we find some errors during translation.

For the printed version, however, we will be able to send test prints and see how the book looks and send pictures, but we WILL need to finish the French version before we can send over all printed version to all backers. This is fine, but this was not something that we planned in the original timeline, nor something we could predict happening.

We are a very small team actively working on the project, and having this massive amount of work thrown at us is a pretty big disappointment. Now that the law exist, our next projects will be managed differently.

Art Dump

All illustrations for the chapters together, and some new designs for the last characters remaining!

Void Dragonkin - Art by Andrew Soman
Kudu Muobos - Art by Andrew Soman
Diamond Shardling - Art by Andrew Soman

The project will be finished and never abandoned, that is a fact! So no worries about it, it is coming! 

Take care of yourselves and see you soon!


April Update!
10 months ago – Mon, May 01, 2023 at 11:12:19 PM

Hello everyone!

An update for you to see where we are at! Our current timeline is still leading to end of this year! 

We currently have about 70% of ALL the book completed in English, and are going through a lot of editing and rewrites to be sure it fits in the book and remains within our estimated number of pages.

All artwork is almost completed (3 characters, 2 god symbols, 3 spirits left).


We had to make some modifications to the pages designs on the lineages pages, as the text wasn't fitting properly in any of the iterations we tried. We went with something simple with a bit less of graphics all over, but all text fits now! Some small modifications were also applied to other pages, and we are quite close to the final design for the more "special" pages,

Cover Tweaks!

We made some little changes to the cover art, slightly changing the front character's colors, and placing the logo, as there were some shadows that were sitting a bit weirdly.

Color correction for Arkelon's cover art. On the right the new colors/On the left the older version

Le Français!

Nous avons deux chapitres complets de traduits et d'autres s'en viennent un autre partiellement traduit! Ils sont disponibles dans la version sur Google Drive! Nous sommes toujours déterminés à offrir une version en français, et elle avance très bien (quelques pages ci-bas).

Art Dump!

As always, art dump! We are almost there, like there's nothing left! A little breakdown list like last time!

  • 110/113 characters art
  • 25/27 Gods Symbols
  • 6/9 Elemental Dragons/Spirit Symbols
  • 2/5 Backer Characters
  • 12/12 Speakers Symbols
  • 12/12 Class Logos
  • 11/11 Illustrations
  • 1/1 Game Logo
  • 1/1 Cover Art
Art by Heidi Pana and Eddie Yorke
Art by Heidi Pana, Eddie Yorke, Agatha Fiszer and Herbert Dariel
Early Sketch by Jonathan Sevigny. Animal Companion - Hippopotamus
Art by Andrew Soman. Backer Character - Ice Dragonkin
Art by Andrew Soman. Void Dragonkin - Early Concepts

We hope you are having a wonderful time, and see you soon!


February Update!
about 1 year ago – Mon, Feb 06, 2023 at 02:38:37 PM

Hello everyone!

We do hope that it is hotter in your area than it is here with a current -45!

Our current guesstimate for release is still this year. 

English version is getting close to completion, and French is also coming along nicely (due to Bill 96 passed in Quebec recently, we are forced to release the game in French and English at the same time, else we could receive fines and other unpleasant things, since we release in shops. This is very annoying, but should not change our current timeline).

Pages are also coming along nicely.

Action Icons


All chapters menus, texts and backgrounds were tested and approved for colorblindness (Deuteranopia, Protanopia and Tritanopia). 

We will be adding links to all menus for you to be able to easily reach each sections of the books, and all page numbers present in the text will have a link directly to the mentioned page for easy navigation.

We are also pondering on the possibility to add tooltips and hover text, but we will see if it is possible with the software(s) we are using (as per the extraordinary "made in Paint" example below):

Art Dump!

More artwork are coming, and we are getting closer and closer to having them all. We have made a small list so you can also check out where we are at:

  • 94/113 characters art 
  • 11/27 Gods Symbols 
  • 6/9 Elemental Dragons/Spirit Symbols
  • 2/5 Backer Characters 
  • 12/12 Speakers Symbols 
  • 12/12 Class Logos 
  • 11/11 Illustrations
  • 1/1 Game Logo 
  • 1/1 Cover Art
Character Artworks - by Heidi Pana and Eddie Yorke
Speakers' Symbols - Josh Arklin - Art of Arklin
Gods Symbols - Maïthé Roussel and Jonathan Sevigny

Take care of yourselves, and see you soon!

- The Wendigo Workshop's Team

December Update!
about 1 year ago – Mon, Dec 12, 2022 at 01:21:57 PM

 Hello everyone!

We hope you are doing well! A small update to show a bit of where we are and how it's going just before the holidays. 

Everything is still going according to plan. During those last months, we were able to complete more text and polish on all classes and other playable options. Game mechanics are finished, reviewed and completed!

We are a small team, we had delays, but we are working really hard to bring this game to you as fast as we can by also keeping the level of quality it is supposed to have. We are still aiming for a 2023 release, which seems very likely with the current pace of things.

We do have more page samples! We try to keep the layout simple, with the addition of some graphic elements, to keep it easy to read but still nice to look at.

Art Dump!

More artwork are coming, and we are getting closer and closer to having them all! Character designs, magic, and more.

Character Artworks - by Heidi Pana, Andrew Soman, Agatha Fiszer, Eddie Yorke and Herbert Dariel
Spells Illustration - by Hari Edwin
Arkelon Spirits Logos - by Wendy Fortier
Spirits Representations - by Wendy Fortier

Version Française

La version Française est quelque chose qui a été promis pendant la campagne, et elle vous sera livrée! Les chapitres complétés sont en cours de traduction. Le Français est important pour nous, et il est impératif d'offrir notre produit dans notre langue.

We hope you have nice holidays - Joyeux temps des fêtes!

- The Wendigo Workshop's Team

New Update: A Lot of Things to Show!
over 1 year ago – Wed, Sep 07, 2022 at 01:42:20 PM

Hello everyone!

I hope you are doing well! We'll be keeping this quite short as we still have a LOT of things to do to complete the project, but everything is coming along nicely! Most classes are done and are in revision for playtesting, correction, fun factor, etc. Three chapters are finished and are currently undergoing final revisions.

The book in itself is coming together fine! We have layed out all of the different pages so they are ready to receive text after the correction and editing pass. Below you can see some pages layouts leading to the final look of the book.

Map of Arkelon

We have put together all images for the GM screen together in Affinity Publisher, and decided which aspects of play will be featured on each panels. We are still figuring out how we want to actually PLACE the stuff, as we want it to be as complete as possible, without becoming cluttered and difficult to use as a reference.

GM screen Layout

Some of the Artbook layout also has been started, just needing the text and the different development images. While it does include artwork, we also want it to include some trivia, fun facts, lore bits, etc, that went through our minds while designing the game and the different illustrations.

Tentative Race Intro Page (Will include both finished variants)

We also received a couple new early designs for characters and illustrations, and those are coming along VERY nicely, only a couple are left before they are all ready to be placed in the book!

Jaanvar-Saan Design Variant (Chameleon)
Tainted Shardling Silhouettes (Variant)
Jaanvar-Ke Design (Tiger)
Dragon Shiari Design
Boar Shiari Design
Illustration Development for the Classes Chapter
Illustration for the Spells Chapter

Keep an eye on your mails, we will soon (next week!) be sending links to the almost-finished version of the game to all backers (minus visuals and edits)!

Have an amazing time, and see you soon with MORE!

- The Wendigo Workshop's Team